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What needs to be in the DQ file?

Driver Application As Outlined In 49 CFR §391.21

Annual Driver Review As Outlined In 49 CFR §391.25(A)
Original + Past 3 Years

Certificate of Volations As Outlined In 49 CFR §391.27.

Driver License
Original + Past 3 Years

Medical Card
Original + Past 3 Years
Medical Card National Registry Doctor Has Been Verified

MVR As Outlined In 49 CFR §391.23 (A)(1)
Original + Past 3 Years

Road Test As Outlined In 49 CFR 391.31(E), §391.33

Entry Level Driver Training

Investigation & Inquiries 49 CFR Part §391.23(a)(2)

Drug and Alcohol Clearing House (Effective 1/6/2020) 49 CFR Part §382, Subpart B
Original + Past 3 Years 

Driver Application As Outlined In 49 CFR §391.21

The driver application can be complicated. We are going to break it down to exactly what you need in it to make sure you are in compliance with federal regulations!

Name & Address Of Employer

Applicant Name & Address

Date Of Birth

Social Security Number

Address For Past 3 Years

Date Application Submitted

Driver License State

Driver License Number

Driver License Expiration Date

Applicant Experience

Accidents In Last 3 Years

All Traffic Violations In Last 3 Years

Driver License Requirements Page Signed

Application Completed By Statement & Signed

Employers For Last 10 Years
Name of Previous Employer
Address of Employer (City And State)
Dates (MMYY)
Reason For Leaving
Were They Subject To FMCSR
Was It A DOT Sensitive Position  

Annual Driver Review As Outlined In 49 CFR §391.25(A) 

Every employeer must have an annual review completed for each CMV driver at least every 12 months.

You need to keep the original review as well as the previous 3 years

Certificate of Volations (COV) As Outlined In 49 CFR §391.27 

There are a few things you need to know about the COV.

First, you must keep the original as well as the previous 3 years

Second, The COV must contain the following:

Statement "I certify that the following is a true and complete list of traffic violations (other than parking violations) for which I have been convicted or forfeited bond or collateral during the past 12 months."

Date of Conviction



Type of motor vehicle operated

Statement "If no violations are listed above, I certify that I have not been convicted or forfeited bond or collateral on account of any violation required to be listed during the past 12 months."

Date of certification

Driver's signature

Motor carrier's name

Motor carrier's address

Reviewed by: Signature & Title 

Driver License
49 CFR §391.51(b)(3)

You need to keep a copy of the driver valid driver license on file as well the original from you they were hired and the previous 3 years.  

Medical Card
49 CFR §391.51(7)(i)

This gets a little confusing when you read teh regs so lets break it down for you.  

You need to keep the original medical card as well as the previous 3 years.  

Also the national registry number for the doctor must be verified. Click here to go to the website, enter teh national registry number in off of the card.  Then notate in your file that it was verified and when.

Motor Vehcile Report (MVR) 
49 CFR §391.23 (A)(1)

You must obtain an MVR within 30 days of the date the driver's employment begins.  It is best practice to get the MVR priori to allowing the CMV driver to operate CMV's for your company.

You need to keep the original MVR as well as the past 3 years.

Entry Level Driver Training
49 CFR § 380.503 

Entry-level driver training must include instruction addressing the following four areas:

Driver qualification requirements. The Federal rules on medical certification, medical examination procedures, general qualifications, responsibilities, and disqualifications based on various offenses, orders, and loss of driving privileges.

Hours of service of drivers. The limitations on driving hours, the requirement to be off-duty for certain periods of time, record of duty status preparation, and exceptions. Fatigue countermeasures as a means to avoid crashes.

Driver wellness. Basic health maintenance including diet and exercise. The importance of avoiding excessive use of alcohol.

Whistleblower protection. The right of an employee to question the safety practices of an employer without the employee's risk of losing a job or being subject to reprisals simply for stating a safety concern (29 CFR part 1978).

Road Test 
49 CFR §391.31(E), 391.33 

You will need a Road Test completed for every CVM driver that does not hold a CDL

If the driver will be operating a Tanker vehicle then a road test will need to be conducted in a tanker vehicle

If the driver will be operating pulling Doubles or Tripples (better known as a Long Combonation Vehicle [LCV]) then a road test will need to be conducted in a LCV

The Road Test Needs to Evalute

(1) The pretrip inspection required by §392.7 of this subchapter;

(2) Coupling and uncoupling of combination units, if the equipment he/she may drive includes combination units;

(3) Placing the commercial motor vehicle in operation;

(4) Use of the commercial motor vehicle's controls and emergency equipment;

(5) Operating the commercial motor vehicle in traffic and while passing other motor vehicles;

(6) Turning the commercial motor vehicle;

(7) Braking, and slowing the commercial motor vehicle by means other than braking; and

(8) Backing and parking the commercial motor vehicle.

The following items need to be included on the Road test form:
Certification of Road Test
Driver's name
Social Security No
Operator's or Chauffeur's License No
Type of power unit ____________
Type of trailer(s) _________________
If passenger carrier, type of bus ____________

"This is to certify that the above-named driver was given a road test under my supervision on ____________, 20____, consisting of approximately ______ miles of driving." 

"It is my considered opinion that this driver possesses sufficient driving skill to operate safely the type of commercial motor vehicle listed above." 

Signature of examiner 
Title of examiner
Address of examiner (can be company address)

How Long Do I Need To Keep DQ Files

49 CFR §391.51(c) states that you must maintain driver friles for 3 years after an employee is terminated.  

What if we terminate drivers yearly?  Well then you must maintan each file for 3 years past each termination date.  

 Investigation & Inquiries
49 CFR Part §391.23

An investigation of the driver's safety performance history with Department of Transportation regulated employers during the preceding three years.

Your inquiry to their previous employeers needs to include the following:

Driver Name

Employment Verification 

Dates of previous employement 

Any accidents as defined by §390.5  

Any accidents the previous employer may wish to provide that are retained pursuant to §390.15(b)(2), or pursuant to the employer's internal policies for retaining more detailed minor accident information.

If the driver had violated the alcohol and controlled substances prohibitions under subpart B of part 382 of this chapter, or 49 CFR part 40. (Did they fail a drug test?)

If the driver failed to undertake or complete a rehabilitation program prescribed by a substance abuse professional (SAP) 

If a driver who had successfully completed a SAP's rehabilitation referral, and remained in the employ of the referring employer, information on whether the driver had the following testing violations 

Alcohol tests with a result of 0.04%or higher alcohol concentration 

Verified positive drug tests 

Driver refusals to be tested (including verified adulterated or substituted drug test results).

Drug and Alcohol Clearing House (Effective 1/6/2020) 49 CFR § 382.701

All newly hired drivers effective 1/6/2020 must have a query filed with the FMCSA prior to operating any CMV's

Annual query with FMCSA needs to be obtained

Need to keep original plus the past 3 years of query’s for each driver 

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