We are here to help you Navigate everything DOT

We understand that state & federal regulations can be hard to read & even harder to understand. Plus, who has the time to read every regulation? Allow our experts in the transportation field to help you navigate through the gray area. We have contacts in every state & within the FMCSA & CVSA.

Just a Little About Us!

We don’t like to brag, but our employees are awesome.

Our Mission

When it comes to every aspect of DOT and the transportation industry, we are here to make sure your company succeeds.

Our Essence

Navigating DOT so you don’t have to! Our employees help to reveal every route and avenue conceivable to advance your DOT procedures.

Our Promise

We offer an optimistic & diverse plan of action with ideas that your company can measure through proven results.

Our Vibe

We make magic happen with DOT. We dream big, and do it-together-every day reinventing what’s possible in the transportation industry.

How Eclipse Was Formed

When Dan founded Eclipse, he only wanted one thing, to help others.

He noticed there was a major lack of knowledge in the area of DOT awareness.

He observed that many companies thought they were following state and federal regulations.

But in the end, were missing vital components to their DOT program.

Believe it or not, he worked for 2 years free of charge just to establish his great reputation.

Now Eclipse works with the some of the biggest contractors in the United States.

As well as many smaller companies, and even TONS of owner-operators.

Currently, our team sits on several boards including CVSA, TXTA, National Grange, and numerous trucking associations across North America.

We have one Goal and that is not only to provide a service but to provide the best service, coaching, and advice available.

Happy Customers

Eclipse-DOT, Covering your DOT needs since 2016

The Eclipse-DOT Team 

Dan Greer

Dan Greer


Dan grew up in southwestern Colorado on a farm. While he was in high school he obtained his EMT certificate and started working for a local fire department.

Before he left the department he was a certified fire engineer, and captain of a local volunteer department.

Then he started working for Coca-Cola where he gained valuable insight into every aspect of last mile delivery. Later he decided to work for a feed mill as their manager.

Using the experience and knowledge he gained growing up about animal science and the transportation industry he was able to guide the company to a 0 violations year for road side stops!

He later worked in the construction industry and eventually moved on to managing the regional logistics and safety for an equipment dealer in the western United States.

In 2013 he noticed that there was a shortage of CDL testers in Southwestern Colorado. Shortly after he started the grueling process to become a third party CDL tester of the State of Colorado.

After a 1.5 year battle he achieved his goal. He was then approached by an energy company to see if he would be interested in creating a commercial driver training program for their company.

This sparked the next part of his journey to create the company Eclipse.

While Dan has been very successful he continues to contribute every aspect of his success to God. “Without God involved in every facet of my life I wouldn’t have anything.”

On a more personal note, Dan married his high school sweetheart Jenna. They have been married for over 16 years and are still happily married. They now have 4 children, Billy, Nathen, Brianna, & Jacob.

One of their goals as a couple is to be able to spread their love of God to others around the world.



VP Business Development

Jenna grew up farming in Southwest Colorado.  

Before having children she worked in a bank and quickly moved up.  She loved helping customers with any issue that they might have had.  You could say that she had an eye for detail and her clients could tell.  That’s why they would specifically request for her every time they came in.   

When she and Dan had their first child she knew that she needed to be at home.

 As a mother of 4 (5 if you include Dan, lol) Jenna knows there are tons of stresses and strains that come into every household.  It’s not always easy to keep God first, is it?  Having failed so many times Jenna counts her blessings every day.  What she realized through all of her “failures” was that no matter what God (and my family) will always love her.

 She would like to welcome you to this wonderful community.  If you ever need anything she’s just an email away!

God has got this!



Executive Apprentice

Samuel joined the Eclipse-DOT family in the summer of 2021. 

He was born and raised in Durango, Colorado, and graduated in 2016. 

Shortly after graduation, he moved to Bellingham, Washington where he found a passion for helping others by working under Dr. Riya Paranthan, O.D. 

After spending a year in the Pacific Northwest, Samuel hopped across the pond and took a position as an instructor teaching English as a foreign language in the capital city of the Inner Mongolia province in China. 

After living abroad, he returned home and held positions where he was able to apply his skills and passion for providing top-tier service to anyone and everyone. 

He joined Eclipse DOT knowing he could help make the lives of local business owners easier by assisting in their DOT needs. 

In his free time, Samuel enjoys spending time in wilderness areas surrounding southwest Colorado, writing poetry, and spending time with his friends and family. 




Early in 2022, Richelle joined the Eclipse DOT team as an expert in the accounting world after earning her bachelor’s degree in financial management.

Richelle told us, “I always dreamed of being a teacher, but I believe God wanted me to work with numbers instead, and I am loving it!”

Shortly after graduating, Richelle was working in a bank and putting her knowledge to work. But she felt her reach could be farther and she could help business like Eclipse DOT focus on growing their business by taking tedious accounting tasks, off of their hands. Helping Dan and the team focus on growth and expansion is Richelle’s vision, and she makes it easy because we know we are in safe hands!

In her free time, Richelle loves getting outside and exploring whatever lays in her “backyard”. All the while listening to music because she finds it so therapeutic.



Tech Support

Haley joined the Eclipse-DOT family in 2020 with her first project being the design of this website. Being in love with computers and visual design from an early age.

Haley has worked on many multimedia projects, including  website designs, software engineering, marketing, videography, photography, and much more! Since her inclusion into the company she has helped Eclipse-DOT create our one-of-kind branding and helped us structure and create many technical aspects of the company.

Haley was born and raised in Durango, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado Boulder were she received a Bachelors in Digital Art and Computer Science.

In her free time Haley enjoys exploring the mountains with her dog, painting, photography and yoga.  




Taylor Raey Gibbons was born in Burnsville, MN and her family moved to Hesperus where they lived on their family farm.

She graduated from Durango High School and played college basketball for Dana College and Adams State College.

Taylor and her husband have 2 wonderful kids. They love to hunt, fish, rodeo, and play sports as a family!




Gale joined the Eclipse DOT team in the spring of 2022! 

She is a Colorado native, and the 3rd generation of her family born and raised in Pagosa Springs, CO where her whole family still lives. 

Gale has years of experience in customer support and enjoys assisting her clients with any issues they may have.

Her greatest joy is spending time with her family and friends and in her free time she enjoys many different outdoor activities!



CDL Instructor

Roy joined the Eclipse DOT team in May of 2022 and has been adding a MASSIVE amount of impact on our customers by providing the BEST CDL training available anywhere.

Roy comes from a long line of drivers.  He got his CDL when he was in his 20s and has been driving ever since.

That is why he is such a great instructor. Learning how to drive in the heart of the rocky mountains.

Actually, Roy was part of Dan’s original CDL training program when we first started teaching others how to operate heavy-duty trucks.  Fast forward to today, he is working with Dan to help others learn how to drive Commercial vehicles.

Roy loves learning new things and is a loving father and husband!

In his free time he really enjoys spending time with his family and working on his own vehicles.

Roy helps to bring Eclipse DOT’s CDL training program to the next level.




Mina joined the Eclipse-DOT family in 2021! Her first project was designing the newsletters and boy did she do a great job. She loves books and visual design.

Specializing in an Editorial Designing.

Mina has worked on many projects since joining the team. Some of those include, newsletters, flyers, infographics, eBooks, manuals, brochures, posters, and much more! If you have seen got a download from us, there is a good chance that she has made it look way better than it did before she got a hold it.

She joined Eclipse DOT knowing she would be able help designing branding that stands out!

In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading books, and playing board games.

Mina brings way more than just design to the Eclipse DOT team and we are so happy that she decided to join our family!

Want To Join Our Team?

Want To Join Our Team?

Possibilities Are Endless

Here at Eclipse DOT, we are ALWAYS looking for the best of the best to join our team.

If you think you have it takes to be part of an amazing team that pushes forward even when the times get hard.

Then you should check out are careers tab above!


Our Core Values 


Eclipse DOT is the leader in the transportation community.  We help people build, grow, and scale their businesses to levels that they have only dreamed about.


Eclipse DOT values family. Not only our teams’ families but also the families of our community!  We know that if we don’t have the support of those close to us then we can never truly grow.


Communities are an integral part of our lives.  Eclipse DOT encourages the development and growth of communities. The way we encourage growth in our community is through networking and making new connections.


Eclipse DOT encourages everyone on our team to live not only a healthy lifestyle but also to have a healthy mindset. Because our mind is the most powerful tool that we have. Fun Fact your brain only makes up about 2% of your body weight but consumes 20% of your daily calories. So eat healthily and exercise daily!


Traveling adds excitement to our lives.  We encourage our whole team to travel multiple times throughout the year.  We also encourage our community to travel too.  Not only to our events but also to fun and exciting locations.


Here at Eclipse DOT, we believe that God is the reason for everything. He gives us ideas, guidance, and the strength to continue. God is a major part of the company, our culture, and our values. We also know that it is ok if you don’t believe the same way we do.

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correclty handles the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15