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God’s Timing NOT Your Timing

Today we are going to talk about trusting God’s timing, not ours. Boy, do I have stories about how things happen in God’s timing and not mine. But for today I would really like to tell you about my journey to starting a business with God. Even if you are not into...

Teaching with Stories

Teaching with Stories

Let’s start this blog with a short story…... Once upon a time. In a land far, far, far, far away…… Just kidding.  Kind of. Lol.  The other Jenna & I were looking around our place and noticed that we could really use a couple of new trees.  The front of our house...

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Find Your Inspiration OUTSIDE of Your Comfort Zone

Find Your Inspiration OUTSIDE of Your Comfort Zone

For starters, I’d like to pause for a second and say thank you. Thank you for letting me share these with you. Thank you for taking a few moments to read them. Now, on to the fun! Today I am going to share the story about the best (so far) live event I have attended. It was put on by Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels family and it is called Funnel Hacking Live. Weird name right? I started following Russell Brunson in January of 2021. To be honest it was back in March of...

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Risk 4, Not Having A Drug Testing Program In Place

Risk 4, Not Having A Drug Testing Program In Place

You are required to have an FMCSA-approved drug testing program in place for all CMV drivers. What it really means is that you have to have a company policy that meets the regulations of FMCSA. If we were to simplify those regulations what they really say is that...


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