Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) Made Simple

Here at Eclipse DOT, it is our mission to take the complexity out of DOT compliance for both businesses and individuals. Our ELDT program if fast, on-demand, and custom-tailored to your CDL needs, and not to mention one of the most cost effective solutions in the industry.

What is ELDT and Why Do I Need It?

Effective February 7th, 2022,  MAP-21 requires new ELDT regulations mandating  new minimum training standards for entry-level drivers.

This training is now required for individuals applying for:

  • A Class A or Class B commercial driver’s license (CDL) for the first time
  • An upgrade of an existing Class B CDL to a Class A CDL
  • Anyone getting their Hazmat Endorsement for the first time
  • Anyone Getting their Passenger or School Buss endorsement for the first time

We offer a fast and effective ELDT program to train you and/or your employees!

Check Out Our One Of A Kind ELDT Program

Find a ELDT solution that is right for you or your business. Our ELDT program allows you to mix and match our services for a custom-tailored experience that best suites your needs and desires!

How Our Training Works

On-Demand Training

We make the ELDT Theory Training a no-brainer with our online learning system. Our courses are on-demand at your fingertips with up-to-date information!

Are you more of an in person learner?

Don’t worry! We are more than happy to offer in-person classes! (Dependent on amount of attendees, reach out to our team for more information!) 

Training Topics Include

Basic Operation

Safe Operating Procedures

Advanced Operation Procedures

Vehicle Systems and Reporting Malfunctions

Non-Driving Activities (e.g., Hours of Service)

Behind the Wheel Training

Save money and time by customizing your BTW training to fit your unique business needs. We have flexible solutions for everyone, no matter what industry you find yourself in.

Customize Your Training

  • We offered accelerated solutions. Complete your training in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days!
  • Save $$$ by bringing your own truck! Or rent one of our Class A or Class B trucks.
  • You can choose to come to beautiful Durango, Colorado for your training! Can’t make it? No worries, we can come to you!

Training Topics Include

Actual operation of a CMV

Takes place on a range or public road

May not use a simulator to meet requirements

No minimum number of hours! You training provider will determine your driver proficiency

Basic vehicle control skills and mastery of basic maneuvers

Why Choose Eclipse DOT For Your ELDT Training?


Customizable Solutions

Mix and match our options for a solution that works best for your team and your price point. Customize the training time, the location of the training, bring your own truck or rent ours!


Up To Date

We stay on top of it! Our experts are constantly staying educated and building new education resources for you to utilize! No more grainy, outdated videos from the 90’s!


We Save You Time

We offer a multitude of ACCELERATED course options. Don’t lose your driver for 8 weeks of training when we can get them back to you so much faster!

Want to Train Your Own Guys? We Can Help!

Let the Eclipse DOT team help you design your own ELDT course. Utilize our proven system and go through our train the trainer program!

DOT Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eclipse DOT’s ELDT Program Affordable?

YOU BET IT IS!!! The cost depends on how long of training you want/need.  We find that most businesses like to train their own drivers (which we completely agree with), therefore their drivers don’t need extended training to be able to pass the CDL skills test and meet the FMCSA’s ELDT training requirments (don’t you love how many acronyms are in our industry. ) 1-2 days of training is usually all it takes for most applicants to have the skills to pass the ELDT requirements and the skills test, as long as you take time to train your drivers within your business before they get to us. If you don’t want to train them then we recommend 1 week. That is usually enough time because we only put 1-2 students with each instructor to ensure maximum content retention with direct assitance and attention from the instructor.

Please reach out for more specific pricing.

What does the Driver need to have completed before training?

They need their CDL Permit in hand for a minimum of 14 days, we will have an online portion that covers the “in-class” portion of the training that is required by the ELDT mandate. And we highly recommend that you ensure they are proficient at driving your vehicles with in-house training – Which will save will not only save you time but $$$ as well! 

Is this in-class training or on the road training or both?

Both. Our in-class will be internet-based and on-demand so drivers can access it at their convince. On-the-road training is done behind the wheel!

Does the driver need to provide the vehicle to train in?

We have vehicles available. With that being said, your cost lowers if you provide a vehicle for the training. So really, it’s your choice if you provide a vehicle or not. Either way, here at Eclipse DOT we have you covered!

How long does training take?

Please refer to the “What is the Cost?” question.

Do we need to schedule training or are there set class times and dates?

Our mission is to help businesses through this change and provide them with a service that works for them.  We will work with your schedule and keep in mind that we offer training almost every week of the year in southwest Colorado!

Can I Use Different providers for BTW and Classroom?

Theory and BTW trainings may be delivered by different training providers. Both training providers must be registered and listed on the Training Provider Registry, Both training providers would submit driver training information to FMCSA Does not allow for “test outs” of skills training on either range or public road. BTW range and BTW public road trainings must be provided by the same training provider

BTW range and BTW public road trainings must be provided by the same training provider

There are several hoops to jump through; Plan and submit an approved training program and curriculum – This must meet or exceed ALL the criteria Outlined in the ELDT regulation published by the FMCSA.