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Extreme Ownership

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Extreme Ownership

Let’s begin by exploring the essence of Extreme Ownership.

How would you describe it in your own words?

In my view, extreme ownership is the profound commitment to claiming responsibility for every aspect of one’s life, be it in personal matters, business, family, or the realm of one’s thoughts. It’s about steadfastly refusing to let others shoulder the responsibility for the events that unfold in your life.

Indeed, your eyes didn’t deceive you with that last sentence.

Empowering oneself by embracing full responsibility for every aspect of life and resisting the delegation of accountability to others.

This implies that you hold the ultimate responsibility for every aspect of your life.

In the event of someone resigning, the responsibility for that outcome rests on your shoulders.

Your body’s changes, whether gaining or losing weight, are under your influence and control.

Taking responsibility for your financial situation includes having the ability to meet your bills.

Do you see the essence of it?

You wield influence over every outcome; you are the driving force behind each unfolding event.

This extends to encompass even your thoughts!

It signifies that if you perceive yourself as less attractive, the responsibility lies with you to transform that perception positively.

Another facet of extreme ownership involves refraining from making excuses.

Really? I never find myself making excuses.

Certainly not!

It’s true; we all have moments of making excuses, and yes, I’m no exception to that.

Excuses serve as significant obstacles to embracing extreme ownership. Each excuse signals to our minds that it’s acceptable not to achieve our goals.

What makes that so crucial?

Because when we provide our minds with an excuse, they tend to accept it. One small excuse paves the way for more, creating a chain of justifications.

I believe you understand the essence. Success breeds more success, while setbacks can make further challenges seem more accessible.

Pause and reflect on your most recent excuse. Was it significant or minor? Consider the emotions that followed making that choice.

The whole purpose is to bring awareness to the fact that you’ve made an excuse.

I didn’t launch a webinar due to unexpected changes. I had to pivot, and unfortunately, I haven’t found the time to complete the slides.

I’ve realized I’m allowing external factors to influence certain aspects of my life.

However, I’d like you to observe two key aspects of that last statement.

Firstly, I intentionally avoided using the word “busy.” Let’s steer clear of that term whenever possible.

Secondly, I’m assuming responsibility for the excuse by acknowledging, “I have not made time to complete the slides.”

I specifically expressed that I haven’t “made time,” not merely that time hasn’t been available.

That, my friends, is practicing extreme ownership, even when it comes to acknowledging excuses. It’s the initial step towards transforming your mindset and a powerful way to break free from making excuses.

Now, let’s change our focus.

One persistent challenge for me has been instilling a sense of extreme ownership within my team.

While I found success in embracing extreme ownership, it appeared that some members of my team were facing challenges in mirroring my approach.

Recognizing the challenge, I dedicated time to nurturing their mindset. Monthly, we gather to brainstorm and enrich our business strategies!

But it goes far beyond that.

This day provides valuable insights into the team’s well-being and identifies areas where they may be facing mindset challenges.

Afterward, we engage in some exercises designed to empower them to take control.

You might be wondering: What exactly are they gaining control over?

The answer lies in taking control of their minds. Once they conquer their minds, the realm of possibilities becomes boundless.

During our team day, we typically engage in 5–6 exercises aimed at dismantling limiting beliefs and cultivating new ones that foster a culture of extreme ownership.

Through these monthly gatherings, I’ve discovered a remarkable surge in our productivity. I mean, it truly skyrockets!

The enthusiasm is palpable, as everyone senses something greater than us all. The excitement we bring to the room renews their passion for our cause.

Unaware, all of us, myself included, find ourselves naturally assuming increased responsibility for various aspects without conscious realization.

Let’s shift away from avoiding responsibility and instead embrace a proactive attitude, saying, “I excel in that area; I can handle it,” or admitting, “I may have misspoken to a client regarding _______. Could you guide me in rectifying the situation?”

If there’s ever a desire for me to join your office for a “team day,” feel free to contact our team. We’d be delighted to coordinate and make it happen.

Before taking the next step, let’s have a conversation. It’s essential that you wholeheartedly embrace the vision, as your team will follow suit. A genuine commitment, at 200%, is the key to making a substantial impact.

Until next time, keep the rubber side down.

Dan Greer


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