Every time I make that decision I thank the good Lord above for helping me to make that choice. Its not always, or ever, easy to make those hard decisions. In the end it is always worth it though.

Quick thought. What if the creator allows things to happen in our lives so that we can pivot to the right path? Follow me for a second here. Have you ever had something happen to you that was life changing? Of course, we all have. What if that happened so that we would pivot and get on the path we were supposed to be on? What if we would have never made those choices and continued on the path we were on originally? Where would you be now? What would you have missed out on?

How would your life be different?

During the beginning of this year, everyone has had to pivot. Most of us have had to make some major pivots in business, school, and life in general. We didn’t have a choice. As schools shut down and kids had to complete their work from home. Work places that would never even consider remote employees had to either let their employees work from home, lay them off, or pay them to sit at the house. Business owners having to move to a digital world. Restaurant owners not being able to seat people and only offering curbside pickup or delivery. This has been a major pivot to say the least.

Think back on what pivots you have made this year. What were they? How did they affect you? What would you have done differently?
One of the key pivots we made early on was to move to more of a digital sales presence. For us that was rough to say the least. We absolutely love shaking hands and seeing the expression throughout presentations and meetings. It was tough for me especially to do a training that I typically do for a crowd on zoom. It was almost like talking to wall. I guess it came in handy that when I younger my parents said that I could talk to anything, even a fence post. Lol. Moving to a digital market place was one of the best things that we could do. By doing it we increased the amount of people we could touch by over 1000X! That’s huge. We watched our number of clients steadily grow and are now able to help more than we ever expected.

Hire a Coach 

Another pivot we made was hiring a coach to help us get on the right track. Let’s face it we all have days where lack motivation, but we felt that even though we were growing we still needed help to grow “right”. We did a ton of research, and asked some of our friends then went out and interviewed several coaches and finally hired one to help us get moving in the right direction. It was a huge step and scary step for us. Really we held our selves accountable to achieve results, they simply helped us not make the same mistakes so many other people have when they had to pivot. Hiring a coach was one of the best things we ever did. Not only for the business, but also for us personally.
The last pivot that I’m going to talk about is the mental one I made. I used to tell myself that I was no good at sales. Guess what. I was no good at sales. I remember meetings where I didn’t think that I could make the sale, so I didn’t make a sale. I have also been in conferences when I knew that the sale was the best thing for that company and that they would be crazy if they didn’t sing a contract today. They signed and we started business. Your mentality makes a HUGE difference. If you think you can accomplish it you will. If you have any doubt that it will happen, it wont. I now loves sales, because I know in my heart that our product is the best on the market and if we didn’t offer our service then it would truly be a dis-service to the world.

Have you ever had to make a choice, pivot, in life that completely changed your end result?

I have countless times. Every time I make that decision I thank the good lord above for helping me to make that choice. Its not always, or ever, easy to make those hard decisions. In the end it is always worth it though. I know that it has always put me on the path I was supposed to be on, even if it wasn’t the route I thought I needed.

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