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The Secret To Getting More Applications For Every Position

Unlock success in recruitment—the secret to getting more applications for every position.

The Secret To Getting More Applications For Every Position

How we attracted a ton of applicants for our recent job openings and brought A-Team players into our team.

Lately, many decision-makers are saying, “Finding good help is getting tough!” I won’t deny that it’s a valid concern, but I don’t entirely agree.

There’s plenty of excellent talent out there, eager for a significant chance to advance their careers. The key is offering a compelling cause and a remarkable leader to help them make a difference in their way.

As a leader, your job is to build a movement that people are eager to join! But it’s not just about getting them in; it’s about making sure they thrive and grow.

How do you achieve that?

It all begins with intentionality. When Jenna and I launched Eclipse DOT, we set out to make it THE place to work. We aimed for people to eagerly join our team.

That’s intentionality in action—wanting to be the best!

Think about Apple.

A while back, they decided they wanted to be THE place for people to work. They didn’t stop there; they took action to make it THE place by introducing benefits that were unmatched in their time.

The culture they built was incredible, not only within their company but also among their enthusiastic fans.

Don’t you think there are only Apple fans? Hand an Apple user an Android device!

They’ll despise you. I genuinely despise you for not giving them an Apple device. They won’t bother learning how to use Android except for texting and making calls.

Apple started with intentionality, and boy, did it pay off.

Now, here’s the next thing you gotta do: Don’t put up with anyone’s nonsense.

Am I telling you to fire anyone who steps out of line?

No way!

What I mean is that everyone needs to know where the line is and what happens if they cross it.

The more you tolerate, the more you end up with B-team players. And guess what? A-Team players want to team up with other A-Team players. They don’t like doing all the heavy lifting, and B-team players, well, they’re not too into working too hard. So, the A-Team players get frustrated real quick.

The more you put up with, the more you lose.

I’m a really nice guy, and I put up with a lot. But everyone on my team knows exactly where the line is and what goes down if they cross it.

Our team also knows I’d never ask them to do something I haven’t already done, like a thousand times before asking them to do it.

This brings us to why, if you want to attract fantastic people to your team, you have to be an amazing leader, not a boss.

Everyone hates a boss!!!

A-Team players won’t put up with bosses; they’ll bolt in a flash.

That’s when we swoop in and grab them. Just kidding (sort of, but not really).

Another key is not being afraid to pay them right. I’m not just talking about a decent starting wage; I mean showering them with rewards along their journey.

On our team, we’re big on giving raises to show how much we appreciate our awesome crew and all they do for our cause.

But guess what? Compensation is just one way to say thanks. There are a gazillion other ways to show we care.

Imagine offering an awesome vacation package that grows faster than most businesses. Or how about a family-friendly company trip once a year?

You could set up monthly company gatherings, buy lunch, and brainstorm on where we’re steering the ship. People love having a say in where we’re headed.

How about giving them their birthday off, no questions asked? Even better, give them a half-day off, fully paid, on their kids’ birthdays so they can spend quality time with their family.

You can hand out anniversary presents (if they’re married).

See where I’m going with this? There are a gazillion ways to offer perks and keep your team pumped and working hard!

And you know what’s big? Just ask your A-Team players what we can do to help them succeed.

Just today, one of my team members called me up. He goes, “Hey Dan, there’s this online training with Russell Brunson (one of my mentors), and I’d like to join. It’s this Thursday at 2 pm. Is it cool if I clock out for those 2 hours? I want to learn this.”

And guess what? My answer blew him away, to say the least.

“Hey bud, not only do I think that’s an amazing idea, but I want to pay you while you learn. Stay on the clock for it. And here’s the kicker: after the training, if you enjoyed and learned from it, I want to invest in more training from his team to help you grow!”

There was silence on the phone for about 30 seconds. Finally, I asked, “Did I lose you?” His reply gave me goosebumps: “Dan, that right there is why I love working with you. I come to you, scared to death to ask, and you not only say yes but heck yes. Then you go and put whipped cream on top of that. I’ve never felt better about what I do and who I do it with!”

Take a moment to read that again. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Did you notice the words he used? He doesn’t work for me; he works with me. He loves the mission we are working toward. He loves the team he works with. He appreciates that when he has great ideas, he gets credit for them.

Do you get it now?

I’m not suggesting that every job will have a flood of applicants, and not every business can hire A-Team players consistently. But if you want to transform into an A-Team employer, it’s a conscious choice.

Let me tell you, it won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll face constant temptations to compromise on your standards, skip that third raise in a year, or take the easier path. However, you have to choose greatness.

If you’re interested in having our team support yours, reach out to us today at info @ Our mission is to simplify your life so you can focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

Now, hit the road, leave some tire marks, and start kicking some butt!

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