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How To Have It All

cA guide to achieving a balanced and fulfilling life: How to Have It All.


Unlocking the Good Life: A Plan for Go-Getters

In the face of tough challenges, leap!

Now, let me give you a peek into my world. I’m from Southwest Colorado, living on the same land my great-grandfather did. We’re the proud fifth generation here—an uncommon privilege.

It’s a mixed bag—a blessing and a challenge, depending on how you see it. But it’s mainly about cherishing a life surrounded by family. For more about my life, check out my social media, especially my Instagram: @therealdangreer.

Now, let’s dive in!

Real fulfillment in personal and professional life is doable if we passionately pursue our purpose.

The core idea is that each of us has a unique calling—a mission that calls us. Personally, I’m called to be a father, husband, believer, business starter, nurturer, and helper to others.

Dealing with the complexities of trucking and DOT regulations is a divine calling I’ve embraced. It might seem like decoding Greek to many, but it aligns with my calling.

This calling pushed me to start a business, launch a non-profit, lead weekly devotionals, and dive into various ventures—all in response to the divine callings in my life.

I share these not to brag but to show the realm of possibilities.

My son, with his strong will, loves falconry and got his license at 16, one of the youngest in the country.

In my family, aspirations range from voice acting to teaching, reflecting the diverse callings in each of us. Even my youngest, wanting to be like me, reminds me of my imperfections.

Now, let’s move to the first step of our roadmap for holistic fulfillment:

  1. Acknowledge Your Calling: Embrace your unique calling, even if it brings unexpected challenges. My calling includes sharing my faith and being a loving husband. Recognize these callings and relentlessly move toward them.
  2. Accept Your Calling: Starting Eclipse DOT was a postponed decision. Initially, I resisted the idea of running a business. But when I accepted my calling, my life transformed.
    Think of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder”—Jane Foster accepting Thor’s hammer. Acknowledge and accept your callings, and your path will magically unfold.
  3. Take Action: Start moving forward. Architects don’t begin designing skyscrapers; they start small. Similarly, take action in your pursuits, no matter how small. Each step teaches you something valuable.
  4. Relentlessly Pursue Your Calling: Relentlessness means never giving up—fighting until you achieve victory. Even if it leads to a temporary imbalance, it’s a phase.
    Building a home taught me that intense, unbalanced effort leads to a more balanced life. The same applies to building a business now. A short-term imbalance sets the stage for lasting rewards.

In the relentless pursuit of our callings, a temporary imbalance is inevitable, but focusing on the right goals propels us toward our purpose.

In conclusion, remember this: NEVER GIVE UP. Chase your calling with passion, even when the path seems unclear. The rewards of dedicated pursuit will be nothing short of extraordinary.

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